Episode 48

Published on:

17th Oct 2020

Relationships in Writing: Romance

In the first episode of the Relationships in Writing series we are going to take on the big one: romance. How should you think about romantic relationships inside of your story, and how can you write them in an informed way so that you don't get blind-sided by your target audience? P.S. I definitely talk about my husband in this episode.

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The big question every writer has is: How can I sell more books? Or, if they’re not published yet, it’s how can I write books that sell? But when writers approach selling books from a numbers perspective, they’re missing out on the amazing relationships they could be building with readers through their stories. It’s impossible to write books that resonate with readers when you’re writing for money, because money can’t read. But shouldn’t writers be able to make a living with their stories? Well, when you connect with human souls, readers turn into fans and friends, and that’s when consistent income begins. That and so much more. But how do writers connect with readers? That is the question this podcast aims to answer. For more information on the host or upcoming episodes, check out https://expensivewords.com
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